Joey MacAdoo loves baseball, playing pick up games with his team called the Backyard Bombers, and winning. In fact, Joey likes winning too much! He's so desperate to win that he's bossing around everyone on his team, and no one is happy about it. Can Joey and the Backyard Bombers start playing like a team in time to beat their biggest rivals?


The story starts off with the Backyard Bombers play a baseball game against their rivals, Sluggin Tigers. Joey MacAdoo, who is the first base of the Backyard Bombers started to get bossy towards his teammates.

His annoying teammates especially Ernie Steele and Ricky Johnson during the game. After winning the game, Joey schedules a rematch game with Ramon Hardison, a team member from Sluggin' Tigers. Joey comes back with the news to his team but Vicki, Dmitri, and Ricky had other plans on the day of the rematch. Joey begs them to at least reschedule their plans which Vicki and Dmitri were willing to do. However, Ricky still couldn't attend as the team had to call in Dante Robinson to replace him.

They celebrated their victory at the Leaning Tower of Pizza but it ends with Ernie and Joey arguing about Joey's bossiness. Joey declares he will play as pitcher and Ernie will be at first base at the next game.

At the next game, Joey plays as pitcher but very poorly through Arthur tries to help him get his control. Joey blames Arthur for signaling a fastball since one of the Sluggin Tigers gain a home run. Ernie tries to convince Joey to switch positions back but he refuses.

The Bombers ended up losing the game as Joey makes another rematch. Everyone of his teammates were getting annoyed at Joey's bossiness especially Ricky since Joey wishes that Ricky was at the game. Pablo tries to ensure the team that Joey didn't mean it and things will change. However, Joey decided to change all the teams positions at the time of game which shocks the whole team.

All his teammates were playing badly and Joey didn't understand why. He looked at another team who had a bossy teammate who bossed around his teammates as he realized what he did wrong. Joey decided to switch everyone back to their original positions and apologized for his actions. The Bombers started playing as a team again then Ricky hit a home run for the team. The Bombers won against the Tigers as Joey learned a valuable lesson.

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