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Vinnie The Gooch is one of the Color Commentators on Backyard Baseball. He was the first color commentator in the Backyard Sports series, making his first appearance in Backyard Baseball (1997). He eats a corndog during the games while he assists Sunny Day with commentary. Vinnie is also the first color commentator to apparently lose his job since he seems to have inexplicably vanished in Backyard Baseball 2005, only to return in Backyard Sports Baseball 2015. Vinnie is replaced by Abner Dubbleplay in the former game.


Vinnie wears a red and white striped shirt and large sunglasses.


  • Vinnie apparently has a crush on Buddy Cheque's sister, Becca; however she didn't share his affection which Buddy commented "I haven't seen a slap that hard since Vinnie the Gooch hit on my sister Becca".
  • At the end of every game, Gooch's corndog is eaten.
  • Vinnie the Gooch doesn't appear in the new Backyard Baseball game in person, only by voice.
  • Vinnie advertises Gooch-berry soda and his book "I Love The Baseball" in Backyard Baseball 2003.
  • His full name is Vinnious T. Gooch.