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\==Backyard Baseball== In Backyard Baseball, it is almost impossible to hit a homerun without the help of the Aluminum Power bat powerup. However, there is still a chance that the Aluminum Power hit will not leave the ballpark. There's a large apartment complex in left field that will knock the ball down, there's a trailer in center field and two dumpsters in right center field. Unlike Steele Stadium where hitting off the shed is a homerun, there's almost no way to hit an out of the park homerun. Usually if the ball is stuck on top of the dumpster or trailer, then a ground rule double is isn't uncommon for the game to freeze at this time either such as if you have a player cross home plate (meaning they can't go back because of a bug in the game). The center fielder also doesn't have much room, as they play their position really close to the shortstop and 2nd base. 

Tin Can Alley as it appears in the Backyard Baseball games

Backyard Soccer

It appears that there is a second location of tin can alley, as there's now a clear fence in the back end of the field, so it's not the same field as the kids use for baseball. 

Tin Can Alley as it appears in the Backyard Soccer games