The Commentators are side characters who mimic real life sports commentators throughout the game. Sunny Day serves as the Play-by-Play commentator in every game until her final appearance in Backyard Football 2010. She is partnered up by others who serves as Color Commentators, which some of them were previously Backyard Sports players. However, Sunny is replaced by Ron and Wally in Backyard Sports Sluggers.

The Commentators[edit | edit source]

These are the current and past commentators for the Backyard Sports series dating to the present.

Sunny Day (Play-by-Play in most Backyard Sports games until Backyard Football 2010, returned in 2015)

Partners (Color Commentators):[edit | edit source]

Vinnie The Gooch (Backyard Baseball until 2005)

Earl Grey (Backyard Soccer)

Chuck Downfield (Backyard Football)

Barry Dejay (Backyard Basketball)

Buddy Cheque (Backyard Hockey)

Abner Dubbleplay (Backyard Baseball 2005)

Erik Stream (Backyard Skateboarding)

Jack Fouler (Backyard Baseball 2009-10)

Backyard Sandlot Sluggers' commentators:[edit | edit source]

Ron And Wally

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