The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse in the Backyard Soccer MLS version.

The main screen in most of the Backyard Sports games. You can start of single pick up game, go to start a season play, rewatch the game intro, look at the Hall of Fame, or look at the profiles of the Backyard Kids and Pros.

In later games like Backyard Hockey, The Clubhouse seems to not exist.


  • Season Play (formerly known as League Play in the first editions of Backyard Baseball and Backyard Soccer) allows the users playing the game to sign in their names, known as "coaches ", and pick teams and colors, and pick players to be on his or her team, and compete with opposing teams from game to game. It will also be recorded to whether they won or lost the games.
  • Single Game (formerly known as Pick-Up Window in the first editions of Backyard Baseball and Backyard Soccer) allows the user play a single gane on various fields, practice, compete with another user, and/or just watch the game. When choosing players, the user and CPU (or another user) would take turns to choose which players will be on the corresponding teams. The practice modes allow the user to practice his or her skills before deciding to the actual games. If two users compete, they must use different peripherals in order to compete with each other. The mode that allows the user to watch the games like people would watch the games on television, has both teams CPU-controlled and the user must predict which team will win before the game ends.
  • Cards allows the user to view the players' profles, including their biographies and stats.
  • Hall of Fame shows a recorded history of the games being played.
  • The Ball (depending upon the game) allows the user to replay the intro.

Trivia Edit

  • In the earlier games such as Backyard Baseball 2001, online play used to be accessed through the clubhouse. However, online play was taken out due to the buyout to Atari. There is no access to online play.
  • The Clubhouse is featured in the TV special, Backyard Basics.