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Steele Stadium started out as Ernie Steele's backyard used for a playing field in the Backyard Baseball and Backyard Soccer series. 

Backyard Baseball[]

Steele Stadium as it appears in the original Backyard Baseball

In Backyard Baseball, homeplate is at the front of the backyard, in front of the driveway and front of Ernie's house. It is the smallest field in the game, making it the easiest to hit homeruns especially in center field where the shed counts as a homerun as well as the fence being cut in. There is a swimming pool in the neighbors yard that the ball, after hitting a homerun may fall into. There's also bushes in right field that make it hard to catch the ball. In Backyard Baseball 2005, the bushes are replaced with a chain linked fence. 

Backyard Soccer[]

The stadium makes a re-appearance in Backyard Soccer, the field goes fence to fence, rather than from the shed to the house. 

Backyard Sports Baseball 2015[]

The field makes a return in the new mobile game, Backyard Sports Baseball 2015. However, it is called Steele rather than "Steele Stadium". It does retain the shed in the corner of center field and a pool in the next backyard just like the original along with the bushes along the foul line. Interestingly though, Ernie does not appear in the game at all.

Backyard Sports NBA Basketball 2015[]

Steele Stadium, "Steele" makes a return in Backyard Sports NBA Basketball 2015 as a court.