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Joey MacAdoo is the backyard kid who has an over-competitive side. He was introduced into the Backyard Sports series during the '07-'12 era along with Samantha Pearce and Arthur Chen.

Physical Appearance[]


Joey has curly brown hair, fair skin, and wears a jersey, sweatpants and white sneakers.


Joey's appearance looks a lot different. His hair is longer and piled high, looking like Tony's old hairstyle. He wears his jersey, sweatpants and sneakers, wears a baseball hat and has an MP3 player he wears around his arm.


Joey is very passionate about sports. One could say obsessed. He's very confident about his skills as a player and in the book Wild Pitch, bossy, and conceited. He's said to be very friendly and as of recently, is shown to be not very book smart.

Despite his negative qualities, he still cares for his teammates at the right given moment. In Hand-Off, he was willing to help Pablo practice better at football and Inside Edge, he was concerned for Tony when was playing two teams at once. In most of the Backyard Sports book series, he is shown as the "leader" of the team.


  • In Sandlot Sluggers, he is captain to the team called the "North End Knights" and he plays his home games at "The Commons" field.
  • In Rookie Rush, he is captain to the same team and he plays his home games at the "Sunny Heights" field.