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Earl Grey
Nickname(s) N/A
Birthday N/A
Family Mother and Father
Friend(s) Sunny Day
Active? No
First Appearance Backyard Soccer (1998)
Last Appearance Backyard Soccer 2004
Voice Actor(s) Dolores Rogers (1998-2000)
Lani Minella (2002)

Earl Grey is the color commentator of the Backyard Soccer games, first appearing in the original Backyard Soccer in 1998 and making an appearance in every one of the soccer games since. He is soft-spoken, and has a noticeable English accent. When he does commentary on games, he has a cup of tea in front of him—he always finishes the tea by the end of the match. Like all other Backyard Sports commentators, he is noticeably partial towards the player's team.


Earl dresses in a style that reflects his English background. In a single game, he wears red suspenders, a white dress shirt, and a gray (likely wool) flat cap. In Season Play, he wears a blue suit and a red tie over his white shirt.


  • Sometimes, he mistakenly calls soccer "football" (as it is called in Britain). He usually corrects himself.
  • The color "gray" is spelled "grey" in the U.K.—Earl's last name uses the British version of the word's spelling, highlighting his English background.
  • Earl brings a newspaper to games, which can be seen in the commentary booth.
  • Not related to the Tea.