It's basketball season and all of the Backyard Sports kids love playing pick up games after school. But it's not all fun and games--the kids take it pretty seriously because they love basketball. Everyone except for Ernie, that is. He's so busy showing off with funny moves and telling jokes on the court that he doesn't seem to realize he's letting his team down. Can Pablo and the rest of the Backyard Sports gang help Ernie get past the jokes and down to business?


The Backyard kids are playing 3 on 3 basketball games after school. Ernie is the only one not taking the games seriously, much to the annoyance of Joey MacAdoo (his teammate) and Tony Delvecchio (who wants to prove he's the best athlete, which he can't do if Ernie is clowning around). As a result of Ernie's clowning around, the team of Joey, Pablo and Ernie lose their games. 

Ernie explains he's goofing off in preparation for the school talent show that's coming up at the end of the week, but Pablo believes there's something else going on. It turns out that Ernie's dad (who is also the principal to their school) was a star high school basketball player and Ernie didn't want to become a basketball star because comedy is his passion. Ernie's dad explained that he wasn't always a good player and that practice is what made him the talented star he became. This gets Ernie to admit that he wasn't the best player and starts to focus more on the game. 

The next day Joey, Pablo, and Ernie take on Achmed Khan, Dante Robinson, and Reese Worthington. After a long and hard fought game, Ernie's team wins. 

The next day at the talent show, Ernie cracks some jokes which the audience finds funny as well as a trick that involves him shooting a basketball into the basket with his feet.