Buddy Cheque

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Nickname(s) "That One Dude"
Birthday N/A
Family Sisters
Blue (pet dog)
Friend(s) Sunny Day, Backyard Kids
Active? No
First Appearance Backyard Hockey
Last Appearance Backyard Hockey 2005
Voice Actor(s) Dex Manley

Buddy Cheque is the color commentator of Backyard Hockey and another former Backyard Sports player (like Barry Dejay and Chuck Downfield.) During his Backyard Hockey career, he was an "enforcer" meaning he got into a lot of fights with opposing players to prevent the more skilled players from getting injured. 

In Backyard Hockey 2005, it is revealed he has six older sisters and has a dog named Blue.

He also wears a girls jacket, pointed out by Sunny Day in the original hockey game.

He is a playable character in both the original and 2005. To unlock him in the original, make a custom player and name him after the commentator and he should appear. In 2005, the player must have an undefeated season on at least Medium difficulty. His sisters (as well as himself) are playable opponents, as the Fighting T-Squares.

He practices hockey in his frozen cranberry pond. The condition of it he described is horrible, as twigs stick out to twist your ankle and you get stuck in frozen mud.

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