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Principle-skinner Principle-skinner 15 October 2021

Adopting this wiki

Hi. I'm looking to adopt the Backyard Sports Wiki, since the admins have not been active since 2018. I'm currently updating the character infoboxes, adding player card images, and removing fanon. I want to adopt because an article from The Ringer about the history of Backyard Sports links to this wiki. In addition, Sodapoppin read the Pablo Sanchez article on stream while it was still vandalized. Punchcar63 gave me approval to submit an adoption request, but I'd like to know what other users think.

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LizardP LizardP 12 May 2017

Just A Reminder

While humor is okay and even encouraged on other parts of the wiki (i.e. forums) main articles should only contain relevant information only. Our Community Rules state: "The articles are for INFORMATION and FACTS only. We are not a fanon wikia." 

So I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is not a "joke wiki". If you want to create your own humor wiki feel free.

Until then, please stick to relevant and objective information in the main articles only. Recurring violations of this rule will result in blocking.

Thank you,


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Punchcar63 Punchcar63 25 March 2017

Backyard Sports

Is this the end of Backyard Sports for good?

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 20 October 2016

Now "Hiring" for the Backyard Sports Wikia Fan Page on Facebook!

Hello, everyone!

This is your admin here for Backyard Sports Wikia. Sorry, that I'm not so active on this Wiki but I do check on it time to time! I'm now officially looking for someone who can be in charge of theBackyard Sports Wikia Fan Page . I'm looking for someone who is very good at facebook and can keep the Fan Page fresh. I can no longer manage this Wiki and the Fan Page at the same time. So if anyone is interested, feel free to talk to me on my message page!


We are looking for someone who has:

  • A Good grasp of facebook
  • Is COMMITTED to admin the fanpage and stay somewhat active. ( I know this franchise near dead, but I expect "who want this job to at least not "go away and not come back".)
  • At least have knowledge of Fandom/Wikia and …
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Punchcar63 Punchcar63 14 July 2016



I've some spactacular news!

This guy made a new backyard sports game called "Backyard Quidditch"!

Quidditch is a competitive sport in the Wizarding World of the Harry Potter universe, featured in the series of novels and movies.

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 9 November 2015


Sorry for the long hiatus, I have announce that this Wiki would be a full Backyard Sports Wiki with infomation of the games ONLY. We now have a fanon Wikia:Backyard Sports Fanon Wikia. Please move all fanon related ideas here. We will no longer be accepting them.


DarkQueen110 (talk) 02:37, November 9, 2015 (UTC)

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 7 August 2015

Article Stubs

Since I am now available bit more often, I just want to remind editors that there are articles that need to be expanded and worked on.

Articles that need to be worked on

I will be putting up stubs on some articles for the next couple days.

DarkQueen110 (talk) 12:08, August 7, 2015 (UTC)

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 25 May 2015

The Hey Arnold/BS fanfiction crossover story has begin!

The new fanfiction: Mud Bowl: Showdown at Gerald Field has started on DevianART!

Here are chapters 1 and 2:


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 26 March 2015

A cool related fan art/fanfiction

I don't know how many you are Hey Arnold! fans as well but I found this amazing artwork on a fan who is creating a fanfic crossover of Hey Arnold!  and Backyard Sports.

The Vec vs The Football Head

Check out this guy on DA. You can even vote to predict the winner of the outcome!

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 7 February 2015

Backyard Sports NBA Basketball Live Review Blog

I have just downloaded Backyard Sports NBA Basketball. Anyone hasn't notice the news check out the website:Sports Website: Backyard Sports Website

I just play my first run through the game. Honestly, I liked this game more than Baseball game ( Backyard Baseball was never my main favorite of the series. I was more big on Football, Soccer, and Hockey side of the franchise. I was disappointed that soccer was discontinued though it could be brought back.). It looks like the same Backyard Kids have returned for this game and I found this game a lot more easier than the first.

This blog will be updated on more of my thoughts. I think this is a pretty good game through what I liked about the orignal that you can pick more kids but two of them were …

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 4 February 2015

Template Trouble

I have changed the templete protections to only registers users can edit it. I'm having trouble with the templetes over all since the images won't resize the way I want it to.

Anyone who has knowledge of Wikia templetes can feel free to edit it.

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 22 January 2015

Difference between fanon and canon

I know a lot of people like to edit the articles in all but please do not put things like "so-so character' is dating "this character". Unless it is stated that that character has a crush on someone or whatever, please do not put it up. It's the same with friendships. While I'm not 100% which is true or not but there is a difference between fanon and canon facts.

Fanon facts are headcanons and fan related stuff made up by fans. We are not a fanon wiki and have our own section Backyard Sports fancition and Ideas Center which I am debating to archive it and create a better organizied fanfiction section. This wiki is only for infomation purposes and I would like to keep headcanons and fanfiction related stuff seperate.

Thanks for understanding. …

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Russelrules44 Russelrules44 18 January 2015

Thinking Is Something I Do

Welp.....I've been thinking.....Remember when I said that one day Backyard Sports would have it's own cartoon series?......

Well, i've decided that i'm going to make that dream come true. It's going to happen, and I call it.....

The Tales of Backyard Sports........a 15 minute cartoon series in the vein of MLP:FiM and Spongebob Squarepants featuring all the characters you've come to know and love.

Here the link for this new animation thing. In the flesh. And you know what the best part of this is?

IT'S SOMEWHAT INTERACTIVE! You, Yes, YOU get to create your own ideas in Idea Island, and if your lucky. That episode will be a part of the 26 episodes I have planned. (The th…

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 16 January 2015

Day 6 Group is really pushing the relaunch of the series well

Day 6 Sports Group is really serious about this relaunch of the series compared to Atari. I expect good things about the next moblie app.

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 16 January 2015

Promoting the Wiki


We need some ideas on how to promote the Wiki. Since we have another Backyard Sports app and the android app is coming soon. It's best to find ways to get the word out since some fans are not aware of this Wiki.

There is some ideas that I need some public opinon.

Ideas to promote the Wiki:

  • Youtube Channel- Thought about this before but I have no equiment to do ' Let's plays' of the games. Plus I have a lot of social media accounts and it would be hard to keep track of it.
  • Tumblr. I been promoting it on my personal Tumblr but the Wiki may need its' own Tumblr but it seems to be not active.
  • Twitter. I'm not sure the activity on twitter but I do not have a big knowlege of Twitter.
  • Wiki Partnerships. We are already currently partnered with Hum…
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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 14 January 2015

Backyard Football Wiki

I'm not sure how many users are aware of this wiki: Backyard Football Wiki

I have tried contacting the admin/founder and he seems to be unactive ( I would like to partner with the Wiki). There is a lot of infomation about Backyard Football ( mostly the classics). I'm unsure whether it the infomation can be transfer over here like the Humgonous Wiki.

Does anyone know the founder/admin of that Wiki?

Let me know.

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 12 January 2015

Backyard Kids that should make a return

I want to promote some Wiki dicussion due to the revival of the new mobile game. We now confrimed 10 Backyard kids made a return including some of the discontinued characters.

Now I want to ask you which discontinued characters, orginal 30, or new Backyard Kids would you like to make a return?

For me it would be:

  • Angela Delvecchio as she always was my favorite character. I think she should've made a comeback along with Tony. Maybe she was too simliar to Tony but I still think she would a good edition to future games.
  • Gretchen Hasseloff. For some reason I never mind her character and I only liked her because she ran fast. Yes, she was horrible as a batter but she made a heck of a good running back in football. I think a revamp of of her charact…
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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 12 January 2015

Backyard Sports Baseball 2015

This is the actual app that is currently on itunes:

Link to itunes!

I would like to thank one of our admins: Raidpirate52 for contacting me on this!

Feel free to send out reviews about this app!

  • Pablo Sanchez ( Confrimed) 
  • Luanne Lui ( Confrimed)
  • Achmed Khan ( Confrimed)
  • Tony Delvecchio ( Confrimed)
  • Sidney Webber (  Confrimed)
  • Ashley Webber ( Confrimed)
  • Dante Robinson ( Confrimed)
  • Kimmy Eckman (Confrimed)
  • Ricky Johnson ( Confrimed)
  • Stephanie Morgan ( Confrimed)

I really liked how this game brought back the core roots of the games. This was needed because this franchise was in serious in trouble. This game was hard ( probably since it been a while since I played a Backyard Sports game). There were a returned of some fields and I'll screenshot them later.…

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Russelrules44 Russelrules44 5 January 2015

It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Ladies and gentleman, I got the most awesome news you will ever hear.

On this month of January 2015, Backyard Sports makes it's triumphant return!

Who do we have to thank for this? A company called Day 6 Sports Group. Now this game was a big part of my childhood growing up, And over the years I've grown to love all the games Humongous Entertainment did for them, I don't even mind the ones from 2007. (2009 on the other hand I can't forgive.)

And when I heard when they were coming back, I was so surprised and excited, I will most definatley ask my mom to buy this game for me when it comes out!....As long as it's on the PC and PS4.

As for the release date, it will hopefully be around late January 2015. Till then, i…

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 28 December 2014

The Backyard Sports TV Special ( Old one)

I was attempting to try to find some more infomation and photos of the Backyard Sports until I ran into this:

This is Backyard Basics which I believe this is the Saturday Morning Special back in the 00s era. While I never watched it at the time ( I knew about back then but I never got to watch it and forgot what channel was it on) and watching now, it's decent sound quality enough to hear it ( for my hard of hearing ears). While I'm not finished watching it, it's too bad there wasn't a Saturday morning cartoon show based around the Backyard Kids. The oppointunty was there at the time but sadly, Humgonous or Atari probably did not have the money to do it.

What are your thoughts? And yes there will be article on Backyard Basics.

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 26 December 2014

Need for new pictures of the BS Kids

If anyone has noticed, I slightly changed the Character Infoboxes to have tabs. Now the characters will have one image from each era ( Classic Era [90's) and New Era [ which is only the 2010-2012(?) era where Atari had it or whatever last recent picture the dicontinued characters have.]). There will be a third era tab will be made once the revived Backyard Sports series is up and pictures will be taken to put up there.

  • Mudshot pictures of ALL Backyard Kids from the 2007-2010 era  with the exception of the ones who made it to Sluggers and Rush. ( Note: Ace and Jimmy don't need era pictures for their infoboxes. Discontinued characters will have the last appearance photo to be their New Era pictures.)
  • Possible game screenshots for the game articl…

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 11 December 2014

The New Backyard Sports Website

Hello everyone!

It is about time that there has been news about the Backyard Sports series.

Here is the website: The new backyard sports website

Personally, I don't like Pablo's new design. But it looks like the pros will be coming back.

What are you thoughts?

In other news for the Wiki, we are "hiring" new positions.

We need a graphic designer and a social media person ( since it is really hard to find out if any BS news is official and it would be better to be on some Social media sites.).

Please contact me on my page.

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 17 November 2014

Need for New Graphic Designer for BYS Wikia

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since I browsed around here. Those of you that don't know, I am one of the admins of the BYS Wikia. I'm here to announce that the Wikia is redesigning the appearance for the Wikia to make it look more "Welcome"  and make it look appealing for any BYS fans.  We are looking for a graphic designer for the Wikia. 

Please message here if you are interested becoming our graphic designer.

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Russelrules44 Russelrules44 5 October 2014


Well, Guess where the spaceship landed this time....HERE!....Oh well, Time to get the alien repellent. :D

In all seriousness, My name is Russelrules44, And I happen to be a wikia veteran. I have been around many wikias for 3 years now, And i'm still going strong today. Now I know what your thinking...What am I doing here?

Well, I, just like all of you here happen to be a fan of Backyard Sports and the colorful characters that come with it, from the handicapped cool bro Kenny Kawaguchi, to optimistic 5 year old Ronny Dobbs, to the slick Delvecchios, to the all-mighty Pablo Sanchez. And we especally love the fact that since 1997, they have been around to give us a retrospective on what it would be like if Pros Played Like Kids....oh yes, those…

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Kimstewart Kimstewart 7 August 2014

If You Could Play One Game For the Rest of Your Life, What Would it Be?

You're an online game player. Probably an expert. Actually, you're probably an expert at a bunch of different games. And you probably enjoy playing lots of different games, especially the new ones. But, if you were to pick just one, just one game that you would have to play for the rest of your life - what would it be? Would it be an old school board game like Monopoly or Risk? Would it be Prime Suspects or Mah Jong Quest? Perhaps it would be a puzzle such as Big Kahuna Reef, or Fish Tycoon in an underwater adventure? Or maybe you're a Texas Hold Em fan. Whatever it is, you're probably very passionate about it. You play it a lot. But that's how you get to be good, right? It's also a great way to pass the time and just have some fun.

Web Gam…

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 6 June 2014

The Backyard Sports Forum is removed

Due to constant vandalism and spamming, the Backyard Sports Forum has been removed temporary. The forum will come back once the issue is settled.

My apologizes for removing the forum. Feel free to talk on the chat with other Backyard Sports fans.

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 31 May 2014

Spamming and Warnings

After the amount of spamming and some rules breaking I am seeing. There are going to be a 3-strike system implanted for now following the rules. However, spamming exterinal links results an automatic ban from the wikia.

Please read the rules here: Ground Rules of the Wiki

Strike 1-Warning

Strike 2- A day ban from the Wikia

Strike 3- Ban from Wikia

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 25 May 2014

Rules of this Wikia

I been noticing this place is becoming more active. I am happy that more Backyard Sports fans found this place. With that being said, I have revised the rules list and noticed the amount of spamming is increasing.

Here are the rules:

1) If you are going to edit this wiki, please sign up for an account. Anonymous wiki users, I don't mind you editing the pages but it would be a great help for me and other people know who you are ( I don't want to mistake you as a spammer or troll). It would be nice to find other Backyard Sports fans here. But if there are still spamming anonymous users I will have no choice but to ask you to create an account.

2) No SPAMMING or TROLLING will be acceptable. Please contact me if you see someone spamming the wiki …

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GoldArmorSlowbro GoldArmorSlowbro 18 May 2014

Future Backyard Sports Games for Evergreen Group

For any of you from Backyard Sports Wikia or Evergreen Group, I've got game ideas!!! I want to make Backyard Basketball 2015 (or 2016) with Lebron James or Kevin Durant on the cover, Backyard Baseball 2015 with Miguel Cabrera on the cover, Backyard Football 2015 with Peyton Manning on the cover, & Backyard Hockey 2015 with Patrick Sharp, Zach Parise, or Sidney Crosby on the cover!!!

Backyard Kids: Achmed & Amir Khan, Angela & Tony Delvecchio, Annie Frazier, Arthur Chen, Ashley & Sidney Webber, Billy Jean Blackwood, Dante Robinson, Dmitri Petrovich, Ernie Steele, Gretchen Hasselhoff, Jocinda Smith, Joey Macadoo, Jorge Garcia, Kenny & Vicki Kawaguchi, Kiesha Phillips, Kimmy Eckman, Lisa Crockett, Luanne "Lulu" Lui, Maria Luna, Marky Dubois, …

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 26 April 2014

After years of slience...

This Blogger

Annouced that the Backyard Sports franchase will be relauched by The Evergreen Group.

Franchise Relaunch

Any reactions?

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 27 July 2013

Looking for new admin/Chatroom Poll

Due to the recent vandalism of the Wiki, The Backyard Sports Wiki will be in need for another helping hand. Since I am the sole admin of the Wiki. I am the only one that will grant user rights for the admin position. I need someone that is responible and have a good grasp of Wikia features. If you have admin experience from another Wikia, that's great but not required.

Please post here with the following info:

Your Username

Why do you want to be secondary admin of the Wiki?

What will you do that will help the Wiki?

Are you on other Wikias as well?

The admin will be responsible for managing the articles, deleting any photos and videos that are in the galleries, and banning users that break the rules.

Since this Wikia is less active, there will be …

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Raidpirate52 Raidpirate52 28 December 2012

Comparing the Games by Sports

Okay, so I decided I would choose which game from each series that I liked the most, some I haven't played but nonetheless, here's my rankings: 

  • 1 Backyard Baseball
  • 2 Backyard Soccer
  • 3 Backyard Football
  • 4 Backyard Basketball
  • 5 Backyard Hockey

Backyard Baseball: It's classic, but the problem I personally have with it is that it's average mechanics (it's not hard to hit a homerun with just an average linedrive and a screaming linedrive practically gurantees a homerun). I do like that it was unique and wasn't mustered by pros yet, but...

Backyard Baseball 2001:I give this one the best Backyard Baseball game. It improved on the missing mechanics, the AI is a lot smarter, and the characters have depth to them. This game also really spiked up the popularity…

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 20 November 2012

Old Remants of the Backyard Sports Website

I used to browse on the old website of the Backyard Sports ( yes the old Humongous one) as a kid. I never got the chance to do online play before it shut down.

Now I played around with the WayBack Archive and managed to find some of the old rements. It has old online coaches data and old Backyard fanfiction made by some fans.

If you have been on this website before during the 2001-2003 ( I think around the time when the online play went down). Please let me know if this gave you a blast from the past!

Tell me if this link is not working.

  • Note: Look around at the sidebars first! To find the fanfiction: Go to Inside Scoop, then click on Ref Darby.

BE PATIENT. You may run into errors in some parts of the site. Play around with the site and see wha…

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ACChen ACChen 12 September 2012

Introducing my fanmade Backyard kid...

I've thought up several new backyard kids that may never cease to exist. Here's another one of them:

Richard Malfred

Birthdate: 9/5

Nickname: Malfred

Richard Malfred is a huge fan of the Backyard Sports series and is eager to get to experience it while playing in the sports teams. Unlike the other Backyard kids, he prefers to go by his last name instead of his first.

Which is the most obvious reason why Malfred prefers to be called Malfred?

A. Richard's too common of a name.

B. He likes the sound of "Malfred" better than "Richard".


C. The pros have been acknowledged by their last names, Piazza, Jeter, Garciaparra, etc. etc.

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TailsKid26 TailsKid26 12 September 2012

Should Albert Pujols Appear In Another Backyard Sports Game

Okay So Albert Pujols Who Was The Cover Athlete For Backyard Baseball 2007 I Want To Know Should Pujols Make Another Bid At Appearing On An Another Cover Of Backyard Baseball Tell Me Your Thoughts In The Comments Section

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ACChen ACChen 5 August 2012

4Kids Voice Actors For The Backyard Kids

Hi fans! Who'd you think would be the best 4KIDS voice actor for the kids?

I'd say either Kerry Williams or Lisa Ortiz would do well with Angela, Gretchen, and Kimmy.

Oh, and do not list any pros here. Only Backyard Kids and/or the commentators.

What's your opinion? Please write here!

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Raidpirate52 Raidpirate52 4 June 2012

Sandlot Sluggers Review

You read what I had to say about Rookie Rush, and so I went out to buy Sandlot Sluggers, the baseball installment of the series. It can be a lot harder than the football version, I can tell you, but if you spend enough time, you'll likely get the hang of it. Again, I'll start off with the bad stuff.

The first thing I don't like is like in the Rookie Rush, a very lack of customization. Pablo's team SUCKS. Pablo is terrific, as he always is, but the rest of his team...not one of them has more than 3/5 hitting. It was a bit frustrating playing as Pablo's team for the season and, while winning all but 1 game, they were as tight as they should've been.

I'll also give a small rant on none of the original Backyard kids other than (Pablo, Dmitri, Vi…

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ACChen ACChen 30 May 2012

Backyard Kids' 90's Average Stats

S RANK (10/13)

1. Pablo Sanchez

A RANK (9/13)

2. Vicki Kawaguchi

3. Mr. Clanky

B RANK (8/13)

4. Dante Robinson

5. Kiesha Phillips

6. Lisa Crocket

C RANK (7/13)

7. Reese Worthington

8. Annie Frazier

9. Jocinda Smith

10. Pete Wheeler

11. Ricky Johnson

12. Achmed Khan

13. Kenny Kawaguchi

14. Mikey Thomas

15. Sally Dobbs

D RANK (6/13)

16/17. Ashley and Sidney Webber

18. Dmitri Petrovich

19. Ernie Steele

20. Tony Delvecchio

21. Amir Khan

22. Luanne Lui

23. Maria Luna

24. Stephanie Morgan

25. Billy Jean Blackwood

E RANK (5/13)

26. Gretchen Hasselhoff

27. Marky Dubois

28. Angela Delvecchio

29. Kimmy Eckman

F RANK (4/13)

30. Ronny Dobbs

31. Jorge Garcia

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Raidpirate52 Raidpirate52 30 May 2012

My ranking of Backyard Sports Characters

Pablo Sanchez

Ashley Webber

Sidney Webber

Dante Robinson

Ernie Steele

Luanne Lui

Achmed Khan

Amir Khan

Ronny Dobbs

Ricky Johnson

Ace Patterson

Reese Worthington

Mikey Thomas

Angela Delvecchio

Kenny Kawaguchi

Stephanie Morgan

Marky Dubois

Keisha Phillips

Jocinda Smith

Gretchen Hasselhoff

Annie Frazier

Vicky Kawaguchi

Arthur Chen

Samantha Pearce

Pete Wheeler

Billie Jean Blackwood

Kimmy Eckman

Lisa Crockett

Maria Luna

Sally Dobbs

Joey MacAdoo

Jimmy Knuckles

Dmitri Petrovich

Jorge Garcia

Tony Delvecchio

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Raidpirate52 Raidpirate52 29 May 2012

Rookie Rush Review

Rookie Rush Review

While no where near as good as the games from 1997-2005 Rookie Rush is actually a huge step up from the 2007-2010 games and that is more than just saying much. The Sluggers/Rush era is mixed critically in the fanbase and deservely so. First I'll start with the negatives.

(Please note this is just Rookie Rush, I haven't yet gotten Sluggers, but I definitely plan too)

The biggest problems some will have with this game is the lack of customization for players. You can't really choose teammates. You can only choose your captain which are some of the original Backyard Kids that you love (or hated growing up) but you won't have any opinions on the extra players. They're all pretty balanced characters so it really doesn't matter w…

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 28 May 2012

Most Hated Backyard Baseball Characters

Please discuss ( calmly discuss no flaming or fighting!)

Top 9 Most Hated Backyard Baseball Characters

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 10 May 2012

The Backyard Sports Fan Review Blog

This is a review blog of all the Backyard Sports games.

I made this so no one can write all over the articles on what they think about the game. The articles are only for information. ONLY FOR WRITING INFORMATION ABOUT THE GAME. So if people want to write about the games; please do so here and not on the articles (except for talking about the games in the article COMMENTS but still no review writing in the comments).

Please do your reviews here instead of on the articles.

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 12 August 2011

Do you think all the orignal Backyard Kids are gone?

Minus ones who are still in the orignal ones who are still in the game lineup ( Rookie Rush and Sluggers). Are Achmed and other gang who were in the 07-10 Backyard games are gone for good?

Will these kids make a come back or Atari trashed them for good?

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 11 August 2011

Please keep the infoboxes in the characters pages!

When editing the Backyard Kids pages, please keep templates like: in there.

It is to keep the pages organized as possible.

Thank you


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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 2 August 2011

Backyard Sports Wiki Makeover and Facebook's page!

The Wiki went through a whole make over last night as it is now more appealing than ever! The Wiki will be going through a series of reorganzing the pages and more designing as to come. It is now ready for it to be promoted more outside of the Wikia and at Wikia.

We have now a facebook page for the Wikia: Backyard Sports Wikia Facebook Fan Page!

I hope you enjoy the new Backyard Sports Wikia.

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 17 June 2011

BYSWiki Suggestions? Improvement?

I been looking at other wikis. I come to conclude that this wiki is lacking something. All the wiki have something special which something that Backyard Sports wiki don't have.

I want suggestions from all of you on how to improve to Wiki. I'm still learning about the wiki myself and I might get help from others outside of the wiki.

I'm coming to a decison that people are REQUIRED "sign" on for this wiki to make edits due to the fact that I don't know who changes the articles and I can't keep up with people who edit. I only know by IP address. I might decide to do a trial period for anonmoyous wiki users then after that is over, you have to sign up. If you have a problem with this, let me know because I leaning to the side of doing this becau…

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 7 June 2011

Using templates

If you notice on a couple pages, I been putting templetes on the characters pages because the pages need to have some appeal and be a little organized. So I'm going to put templetes on most of the Backyard Sports characters pages.

Please excuse the reconstruction of the pages.

If you want to know how to use the templates then: go to "Insert" on the editing tool bar and go to "Template". Then you go to infobox.

To edit the template: There will be a puzzle piece that will let you view your work on the template when editing.

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 31 May 2011

Plans and the history of the Backyard Sports Wiki

Hello everyone, you noticed I been actively editing the wiki front page. I been doing that to make the Wiki look more nicer and more welcoming. I haven't touch a lot of this Wiki but I noticed it becoming a little more active. I added fanfiction page for everyone to post their fan work.

I'm also debating to make a rule on Anonymous users to sign up for an account on the Wiki. The only reason is because I don't want spammers like what happened the last time I came back.

A little bit of history about this Wiki, it has been a year since this Wiki was adopted and it went through a lot of changes since then. Right now I'm proud of how the changes went through.

The reason why I adopted this Wiki is because I felt that Backyard Sports deserved it ow…

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 30 May 2011

Did Atari ruin the Backyard Sports series?

A lot of people who were fans of the original series hate Atari due to what they did to the series over the years. One of the few number of things they complained about:

1) Removing the characters: They started removing characters like Lui and Kenny out of the series and replaced them with Joey, Sam, and Arthur. This made people hate them. Now recently in Backyard Sports Rookie Rush and Sandlot, most of the all the original Backyard Sports kids are gone except for Vicki, Dimtri, Tony, Sidney and Ashley, Jorge, Pablo, and Keisha.

2) Removing pros: I have to say I didn't care about the pros as much but it was the main thing that kept this game going. It made the game a lot more fun.

3) Personality changes: Most the characters' personality chan…

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DarkQueen110 DarkQueen110 30 May 2011

Old Backyard Sports or New?

Do any of you like the old original Backyard Sports or the newer ones?

For me, the Old school wins for me. I haven't played much of the newer games.

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