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This is a wiki for the childhood video game franchise, Backyard Sports. The games were started in 1997 and continued to be made until 2015. The gaming franchise was formerly owned by Humongous Entertainment and Atari, and is now owned by The Evergreen group (Day 6 Sports Group). If you are new to the Wiki, please free to ask the admin!

Please help us edit as it still needs a lot of work!

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Dec 17, 2021: The fan poll is back again.

Oct 26, 2021: We're under new management. Meet our new admin: Principle-skinner!

Apr 26, 2017: Meet our new co-admin: LizardP!

Oct 19, 2016: We are "hiring" for someone to take over our Facebook Page!

Apr 19, 2016: Backyard Sports is having a movie:Backyard Sports Movie Deal

Aug 7, 2015: The Backyard Sports Wiki needs your help! Calling all editors!!!

Feb 7, 2015: Backyard Sports NBA Basketball 2015 is now out for ITunes and Google Play! You can also get Backyard Sports Baseball 2015 on Google Play as well!

Jan 15, 2014: Please congratulate as our Social Media Director, Chat Moderator, Graphic Designer, and second rollback!

Jan 12, 2015: Check out the new Backyard Sports app on iTunes: Backyard Sports Baseball 2015! Android users, you too will eventually be able to play!

Dec 12, 2014: The fan poll has returned!

Dec 11, 2014: Check out the new Backyard Sports website! It is at: New website!

Apr 26, 2014: The Backyard Sports is now owned by The Evergreen Group and plans for a relaunch. See here for details: After years of silence...

Aug 29, 2013: Please congratulate RaidPirate52 as our new admin and Masterofsheepdogs as our first Wiki rollback. The Wiki also opened up a chat room! Check it out!

Jul 26, 2013: The Backyard Sports Wikia is looking for a new admin! Please click for more info: here for more info!

Dec 7, 2012: The Wiki is now trying out the forum function! Look on the Wiki navigation bar to click on "Forum".

May 10, 2012: The Wiki now has a fan review blog about the games for all the fans to submit game reviews. Check it out!

Dec 20, 2011: Backyard Sports Wiki is now in partnership with Humongous Entertainment Wiki!

Dec 19, 2011: Site maintenance on the Backyard Kids sections. Putting up new templates and will introduce an actual tutorial on how to use templates.

Sep 14, 2011: Backyard Sports Wikia is currently in discussion with partnership with the Humoungous Entertainment Wiki. Please check out EDITOR's user blog (The owner of Humongous Entertainment Wiki) for your opinions about the partnership.

Aug 2, 2011: Backyard Sports Wikia now have a facebook page: Backyard Sports Wikia Fanpage!