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Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers is a game in the Backyard Baseball series. It was released in 2010.


This game marks another shift from previous Backyard Sports games. Only ten Backyard Kids are featured in the game. Like the first two Backyard Sports games, real teams and Pro Kids are absent.

This is the second Backyard Sports game to contain a story mode. In story mode, the player's character moves to the neighborhood, and soon learns that a bully named Jimmy Knuckles had scared the neighborhood kids away from playing ball. The player assembles their team by defeating eight other teams, each with a Backyard Kid (or two, in the case of the Geminis) as its captain with generic kids filling out the rosters. The opposing team's captains join the player character's team upon their defeats. After assembling an all-star team consisting of Backyard Kids, the player's character faces off against Jimmy's team.

Season mode returns from previous games, but in a slightly different fashion. The player draft is gone in favor of the eight teams from story mode. Players can choose a seven- or fourteen-game season with optional playoffs. Two more teams are unlocked after completing story mode: Jimmy Knuckles's team, and an all-star team consisting of the nine other Backyard Kids.

Both Sandlot Sluggers and its sister game, Rookie Rush, introduce a new, semi-realistic art style.

Basic arrow-key gameplay using W, A, S, and D for arrows. (PC)

D-pad for arrows and Y, X, A and B for bases. (Xbox/Game pad)


Player Team
Pablo Sanchez Big City Bears
Tony Delvecchio 7th Street Sluggers
Joey MacAdoo North End Knights
Jorge Garcia Uptown Royalty
Dmitri Petrovich Bunsen Burners
Ashley & Sidney Webber The Geminis
Kiesha Phillips Downtown Thunder
Vicki Kawaguchi The Rockets
Jimmy Knuckles The Bullies


  • Rooftops
  • Pablo's Sandlot
  • The Commons
  • Meadowbrook Field
  • Cul De Sac
  • Concrete Canyon
  • Garcia Manor
  • Quantom Field


  • A demo of this game can be downloaded on the Atari website. [1]
  • Pablo Sanchez is not the leader in this and Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush.
    • This means the player/person you choose is the leader.
    • This game and Rookie rush have Chick-fil-a games based on them.