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Backyard Soccer (Original)[]

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Backyard Soccer MLS Edition[]

A continuation of the original Backyard Soccer game only with the MLS pro soccer players. Like every other Backyard game, you start off with picking your players and start your season beginning at Divison B. If you make 1st or 2nd place in the divison then you move up to Division 'A' where the official pro teams appear at that point. If you do well in that Division then you move up to the Premier Divison where your team will get a chance to compete in the 'World Cup Tournment' if placed in first place .

Dropping to 7th or 8th place in Division 'A' or Premier results your team to demote down a division. Your team will go back to B if you are in Division A or if they are Premier Divison, they will go back to Division A.

At the middle of each season, you can also be invited to compete at the 'Off-The-Wall Indoor Invitational' tournament for your team.

Sunny Day's partner is Earl Grey in this game who is named after the English tea called 'Earl Grey'.

Backyard Soccer 2004[]

Backyard Soccer 2004 is basically the same game as the MLS Edition, but with a few differences. One is that there are four new fields in the '04 one but they use the template of other fields that were in the MLS edition.

Examples of that are:

The MLS teams are updated, and there are new MLS pro soccer players although some of them were in the MLS edition as well.

Minor differences are:

  • When you see Sunny Day and Earl Grey talk, their background will change depending on what field you are playing on
  • Your team having the pizza party after winning the Astonishingly Shiny Cup of All Cups Tournament.
  • Some of the advertisements in the Pro Sports Arena (the stadium where you play the Indoor Tournaments)
  • The music and the transitions in the menus; the ability to pick the Penalty Kick practice from the Clubhouse menu instead of choosing it from "Play Now".